Former Graduate Students of MED Group

 California Institute of Technology (1992-present)

Name Degree Most Updated Location
2019 Jong Hun Kang
PhD Seoul National University (Assistant Professor)
Thesis Title: “I. Shape Selectivity of Small-pore Molecular Sieves for the Methanol-to-Olefins Reaction and II. Synthesis and Topotactic Transformation of Germanosilicate CIT-13.”
2018 Steven Lee
Emily Wyatt
PhD Amgen
Thesis Title: “Targeted Nanoparticle Delivery of Therapeutics Across the Blood-Brain and Blood-Tumor Barriers to Breast Cancer Brain Metastases”
2017 Stephen Kramer Brand
PhD Simon-Kucher and Partners
Thesis Title: “I. Tin Silsesquioxanes as Analogs for the Open and Closed Sites in Tin-Containing Zeotype Beta and II. Enantiomerically Enriched, Polycrystalline Molecular Sieves “
2016 Yuewei Lucy Ji
Thesis Title: “Organic-Free Synthesis of Small Pore Zeolite Catalysts for the Methanol-to-Olefins Reaction”
Marat Orazov
PhD University of Delaware (Assistant Professor)
Thesis Title: “Development and Characterization of Catalytic Systems for Biomass-Derived Chemical Feedstocks”
John Birmingham III
Dorothy W. Pan
Thesis Title: “Development of a Cationic Mucic Acid Polymer-Based Nanoparticle siRNA Delivery”
Andrew J. Clark
Thesis Title: “Delivery of Targeted Nanoparticles Across the Blood-Brain Barrier Using a Detachable Targeting Ligand”
2015 Joel E. Schmidt
PhD Chevron
Thesis Title: “Imidazolium-based Organic Structure Directing Agents for the Synthesis of Microporous Materials”
Joshua J. Pacheco
PhD Zeolyst
Thesis Title: “New-Route to Biomass-Derived Terephthalic Acid Using Lewis Acid Molecular Sieve Catalysts”
Mark A. Deimund
PhD ExxonMobil
Thesis Title: “The Methanol-to-Olefin Reaction in SAPO-34 and SSZ-13: The Effect of Heteroatom Concentration”
2014 Ricardo Bermejo-Deval
PhD BASF, Germany
(Catalyst Research)
Thesis Title: “Reaction of Glucose Catalyzed by Framework and Extraframework Tin Sites in Zeolite Beta”
2013 Yashodhan Bhawe
PhD Ville Holdings LLC
Thesis Title: “I. Solid materials for thermochemical water splitting”
“II. Structure property relationships on the zeolite catalyzed conversion of methanol to light olefins”

Han Han
PhD Heron Therapeutics (formerly A.P. Pharma, Inc.)
Thesis Title: “Development of targeted, polymeric delivery vehicles for camptothecin and siRNA via boronic acid-diol complexation”
Devin Wiley
Thesis Title: “Design of nanoparticles that cross the blood-brain barrier by receptor mediated transcytosis”
2012 Jelena Culic-Viskota
PhD Intel
Thesis Title: “Synthesis and functionalization of Second Harmonic Generation nanocrystals and their application in biological imaging”
Jonathan Zuckerman
MD/PhD UCLA (Resident Physician)
Thesis Title: “Targeting tumors and the kidney with siRNA nanoparticles and evaluation of extracellular microRNA-based methodologies to track their activity”
2011 Jonathan Chung Hang Choi
PhD The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Assistant Professor)
Thesis Title: “Pharmocological behaviour of systematically administered nanoparticles of defined properties: mechanistic investigations at the organ, tissue, and cellular levels”
2009 John C. McKeen
PhD Dow Chemical
Thesis Title: “Proton and ion conductivity in microporous materials”
Christopher A. Alabi
PhD Cornell University (Assistant Professor)
Thesis Title: “I. Synthesis and proton conductivity studies of mesostructured organosilicates and bitriazole-polymer composites; II.Targeted nanoparticles for siRNA delivery.”
Raymond H. Archer
PhD Rennovia
Thesis Title: “Molecular sieve synthesis using imidazolium structure directing agents.”
John Carpenter
PhD RTI International
Thesis Title: “I. Synthesis and Testing of a Supported Shilov Oxidation Catalyst; II. Influence of structural features on zeolite characterization by constraint index testing”
Brendan C. Mack
PhD Bristol-Myers Squibb
Thesis Title: “A biodegradable filament for controlled ophthalmic drug delivery”
Heather K. Hunt
PhD University of Missouri (Assistant Professor)
Thesis Title: “I. Development of facile route to fluoride-mediated, pure-silica zeolite thin films; II. Removal of structure-directing agents from molecular sieves via the use of photolabile structure-directing agents”
2008 Eric L. Margelefsky
PhD Merck
Thesis Title: “Cooperative catalysis by bifunctionalized mesoporous silica”
2007 Ryan K. Zeidan
PhD Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics
Thesis Title: “Design of new multifunctional materials”
Derek W. Bartlett
PhD ImaginAb
Thesis Title: “An engineering approach to cancer therapy using systemically delivered siRNA”
2006 Swaroop Mishra
PhD T-Mobile
Thesis Title: “Intracellular considerations in the development of non-viral nucleic acid delivery systems for systemic administration”
2005 John F. Murphy
PhD BakerHostetler
Thesis Title: “Methods for collection and processing of gene expression data”
Hyunjoo Lee
PhD KAIST (Professor)
Thesis Title: “A new methodology for synthesizing zeolites and zeolite-like materials”
Stephen R. Popielarski
PhD Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thesis Title: “I. Structural effects of carbohydrate-containing polycations on gene gelivery; II. Development of a nanoparticle-based model delivery system to guide the rational design of gene delivery to the liver”
Jeremy D. Heidel
PhD Biotechnology Consultant
Thesis Title: “Targeted, systemic non-viral delivery of small interfering RNA in vivo
Jonathan M. Galownia
PhD 3M
Thesis Title: “I. Synthesis, characterization, and base catalysis of novel zeolite supported super-basic materials; II. Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane over reduced heteropolyanion catalysts”
2004 Andrea P. Wight
PhD ExxonMobil
Thesis Title: “I. Synthesis, characterization, and base catalysis of organic-functionalized molecular sieves.; II. Selective oxidation of ethane via heteropolyanion-containing solid catalysts”
2002 Bekah Main Mellema
MS Western Washington University
2001 Lin Luo
PhD Dow Chemical
Thesis Title: “Partial oxidation of propane over vanadium-containing zeolite catalysts”
Patrick M. Piccione
PhD Syngenta, United Kingdom
Thesis Title: “Thermodynamics of Formation of Molecular Sieves”
2000 Suzie H. Pun
PhD University of Washington (Professor)
Thesis Title: “Rational design of a new class of cyclodextrin-containing polymers for gene delivery”
1999 Paul A. Wagner
Thesis Title: “Structural investigation of zeolites”
Alexander Katz
PhD University of California, Berkeley  (Professor)
Thesis Title: “The synthesis and characterization of molecularly imprinted materials”
Christopher W. Jones
PhD Georgia Institute of Technology (Professor)
Thesis Title: “Organic-functionalized molecular sieves (OFMS’S): A new class of materials
1997 John F. Nagel
PhD Cabot
Thesis Title: “I. The use of spherosiloxanes as molecular building blocks for materials and thin films; II. A new method of using SC-cut quartz oscillators for chemical sensing”
Yushan Yan
PhD University of Delaware (Professor)
Thesis Title: “Preparation of zeolite ZSM-5 membranes”
Jack Geilfuss
MS Applied Materials
Shervin Khodabandeh
PhD Opera Solutions
Thesis Title: “Synthesis of alkaline-earth zeolites”
1996 Matt Helmkamp
MS Rohm and Haas
Wayez R. Ahmed
MS Applied Materials
Thesis Title: “Molecular recognition with templated silicas: new materials for chiral separations, catalysis and chemical sensors”
Peter R. Seidel
Thesis Title: “Direct decomposition of nitric oxide by copper containing ZSM-5”
Christopher B. Dartt
PhD Harvard-Westlake School
Thesis Title: “Synthesis and characteization of titanium containing molecular sieves”
John E. Lewis, Jr.
PhD IdaTech, LLC
Thesis Title: “Characterization and permeation studies on oriented single-crystal ferririte”
1995 Charles B. Khouw
PhD Fluor
Thesis Title: “Partial oxidation of hydrocarbons using titanium containing molecular sieves”
Sandra L. Burkett
PhD Amherst College (Assiciate Professor)
Thesis Title: “Mechanisms of structure direction in zeolite synthesis”
1994 Raul F. Lobo
PhD University of Delaware (Professor)
Thesis Title: “The synthesis and characterization of novel high-silica zeolites”
Kam To Wan
PhD Monsanto Technology
Thesis Title: “The design of a true, heterogeneous, asymmetric catalyst”

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (1982-1992)

Name Degree Most Updated Location
1992 Valerie L. Young
PhD Ohio University
Thesis Title: “The chemistry of metalorganic chemical vapor decomposition from a copper alkoxide precursor”
Suk Bong Hong
PhD POSTECH (Professor)
Thesis Title: “Aromization of n-hexane by platinum containing molecular sieves in zeolites”
Michael J. Annen
PhD 3M
Thesis Title: “Synthesis and characterization of novel molecular sieves containing three-membered rings”
Man-Hoe Kim
PhD Wayne State University
Thesis Title: “Reaction of meta-diisopropylbenzene on acid molecular sieves and synthesis of zeolites by a vapor phase transport method”
1989 Consuelo Montes de Correa
PhD Universidad de Antioquia
Thesis Title: “Element substituted aluminophosphates”
Paul E. Hathaway
PhD Dow Chemicals
Thesis Title: “Base catalysis by alkali modified zeolites”
Juan P. Arhancet
PhD Monsanto Technology
Thesis Title: “Supported aqueous phase catalysis”
1987 Renato Sprung
PhD State University of Campinas, Brazil
Thesis Title: “Studies in vibrofluidized beds and synthesis of silica catalysts”
1986 Joseph A. Rossin
PhD Guild Associates
Thesis Title: “Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of transition metal containing zeolites”
1985 Jill Schnitzer
Thesis Title: “Liquid phase hydroformylation by zeolite supported rhodium”
Edward J. Rode
PhD Velocys, Inc.
Thesis Title: “Rhodium-zeolite hydroformylation of propylene”
1984 Kathleen M. Richter
Thesis Title: “Development of software packages for the IBM-PC: computer estimation of chemical processes”
1983 Michael D. Burnett
Thesis Title: “Diffusion-reaction characteristics of benzene hydrogenation utilizing a supported nickel catalyst”