Alumni – Viktor J. Cybulskis


Assistant Professor at Syracuse University
Licensed Professional Engineer

Office: Spalding Lab B129
Phone: (626) 395-4672
Email: vjcybuls at syr dot edu
Links: Linkedin & Researchgate
Website: Cybulskis Research


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, 2016
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, 2005

Professional Employment

Production Engineer, TPC Group, 2009-2011
Research Engineer, LyondellBasell, 2007-2009
Production Engineer, LyondellBasell, 2005-2007

Research Interest

The focus of my experimental research is on the development and utilization of crystalline molecular sieves as heterogeneous catalysts to selectively convert carbon-based resources (i.e., petroleum, shale, and biomass-derived feedstocks) into value-added chemicals and fuels. In particular, I am interested in examining how the computationally-driven design of novel structure-directing agents (SDAs) can influence the composition, framework topology, and active site functionality within molecular sieves, such as zeolites and zeotypes. The ability to understand these underlying relationships will facilitate the development of new classes of microporous materials with improved catalytic properties.